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Invitation to Notre Dame Indiana Alumni Clubs to Sponsor a Chapter of Miller's Vets

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An Invitation to The Notre Dame Alumni Clubs Of Indiana to Sponsor a Chapter of Miller’s Vets

Division of The Center for the Homeless. Inc., South Bend, IN
Our Motto:
Veterans if they are Okay-Thank Them; if not-Help Them!


Miller's Vets was organized in February, 2009. The first public function consisted of 8 DOL (Down On their Luck) Veterans, marching in the West Side Memorial Day Parade. They won First Place. The Vets have made more than 100 additional appearances (Posting Colors, Military Honors at funerals and cemeteries, additional parades etc.) The overwhelming public acclaim and publicity has induced substantial contributions-the Robert L. Miller Sr. Veteran’s Center (was dedicated 11/11/11) and gifts ranging from $2 and up, for a grand total of $241,000, plus substantial in-kind and donations of services. Accordingly, we do not foresee the need of any Chapter to hold a "Fund Raiser."

Sufficient funds are on hand to establish a revolving fund from which all necessary items of uniforms and equipment can be purchased for each of the Indiana Clubs. The start up funds applicable to each of said Chapters are $1700. (See below.) No club becomes obligated to repay. The future public donations would first be applied to replenish the revolving fund. All additional donations would be credited to the respective Clubs account, a small portion for burial and overhead requirements, and the balance to be distributed to DOL Veterans Charitable providers as designated by the applicable local Chapter.

Miller's Vets is an approved registered 501© (3) Charity.

N.D. Alumni Chapter Roles

1. Thank Them.

ALL VETERANS. Organize public opportunities to Honor and Thank Them on Veterans and Memorial Days with complementary meals and admissions at Restaurants and Events. Merchants and Business Owners-Give Veterans Discounts, Gifts and Free Admissions.

2. Help Them.

A. Identify all DOL (Down on Luck) Veterans. Solid Chapter Passion to Help DOL Veterans. Frequently a simple “Thank you for your Service!" is all it takes and can produce a miracle.

B. Establish a Central Charitable Headquarters with a Military Motif Division, to wit: Center for the Homeless, Inc. - Miller's Vets. Organize, Train and Maintain two Elements in each Chapter:

Element 1. Drill & Rifle Team.

Establish a volunteer crack, uniformed "Drill & Rifle Team". Minimum requirements: CO (Commanding Officer) & DM (Drill Master), Uniforms, Colors, and 3 to 7 Rifles. Four or more DOL Vets are a plus.

Perform Parades, Present Colors, Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem and Public Prayer invoking Blessings on Service Personnel, at appropriate Public and Private functions. Calculated to enhance patriotism, pride, self esteem, hope and public awareness.

Element 2. Funeral & Burial Detail.

Find DOL Veterans and bury them with full Military Funeral and Honors. Same CO, DM, plus Adjutant (Funeral/Burial), Mortician, and Clergymen. (Casket and Cemetery facilities can be provided by Company C @ "Garden of Peace" Memorial. See note #1 below.)

Provide Military Funerals and Honors;

Never again, an unclaimed body of an Armed Forces Veteran. Costs- minuscule, benefits- immeasurable.

3. Start-Up Fund.

7 M1 Rifles (fire blanks only) furnished by
Department of Defense
4 Uniforms-DOL's Veterans @ $151 each $604.00
Chapter (Club Officers), BDU (7) Caps & (3) Jackets
(all insignia) @ $78 each
All Flags-Colors, Harness, & Banner $513.00
Gun cabinet, bugle, & sound players $305.00
Coffee/Doughnut Kitty $12.00
Total $1700.00

Note #1:

Company C., South Bend, IN. has a contract with the St. Joseph County Commissioners pertaining to the incomparable Miller's Vets “Garden of Peace”, whereby the County will permit and accept up to 30 deceased DOL Veterans from anywhere in Indiana for interment with vault, at the sole expense of Company C. (current charged $350.) Accordingly, Company C, from its Reserve Fund, will retain the obligation for supplying a casket; transporting the Vet to South Bend, and then performing one or all of the following, not performed by the applicable Chapter: Mortuary Services, Military Funeral, and Military Honors. In all such instances, Company C. will complete the interment, supply and set the grave marker (Federal). All Chapters, to the extent they are able, are encouraged to acquire Mortuary Services, conduct a Military Funeral, and extend Military Honors.

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