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Miller's Vets is a drill team of selected homeless Veterans in South Bend, Indiana, formed in January 2009 by Robert L. Miller, Sr., a former St. Joseph Superior Court Judge and LCDR, USNR (Ret).

Judge Miller's inspiration was induced by his granddaughter, Amanda Miller, at the time, Events Coordinator at the Center for the Homeless. His motivation was a photo of a homeless man in a coffin-like box, appearing in a South Bend Tribune photo by Jim Rider. His vision was of lions laying down with the lambs (Isaiah 11:6, 65:25), as painted by his nurse, Eva Johnson, Master Gardener and Artist. When he first met the eligible Vets, he was stricken by the obvious fact that their personalities and background were as different as the four corners of the earth, nearly as different as lions are from lambs. He discovered that their commonality as Veterans was the singular element unifying them in perfect cadence. Thus, the biblical prophecy from Isaiah was adopted as the logo, appearing on all identifying banners and uniform patches. His goal is to get all of the homeless Veterans off the streets and from under bridges. His hope is to give them purpose, to renew their spirit, regain their self-respect, and to help them get a fresh start in life.

Toward this end, we have put uniforms on our Veterans, refreshed their prior military experiences pertaining to marching, parading with, and posting of Colors, all to the end we have been able to extensively put our Veterans in the public eye, under such circumstances that the public has been able to vigorously express their deep seated appreciation for the service our Veterans have rendered to their country. It is our experience that the public's participation has been instrumental in accomplishing our goals of restoring our Veterans' self-esteem and renewing their spirit of Hope. This is in addition to all of the valuable training and help rendered to the Veterans as the Guests of the Center at large.

To expand on that program, we have purchased and remodeled a neighboring property, 747 Project (officially named the Robert L. Miller, Sr. Veteranís Center), whose primary purpose is to exclusively serve 24 Veterans of our community, which in turn, permits us to further expand our Veterans' exposure.

Additionally, we have created a Military Honors Funeral Program, which we have entitled "The Last Salute," making available to poor Veterans a first-class, personalized Funeral at no charge. We are persuaded that the availability of an honorable Service should not be available only to those Veterans who can pay. It is suspected that this additional program, quite like the former, will be another first in the nation.

As they once served their nation, Miller's Vets now proudly serve their community.

The Miller's Vets Committee is as follows.

Hon. Robert L. Miller, Sr. (Click for Bio)
Founder and Advisor, Miller's Vets

Louise Hojnacki (Click for Bio)
Executive Assistant, Miller's Vets

MSgt Michael R. Leisure II (Click for Bio)
MSgt, Inspector-Instructor Staff, 6th Engineer Support Battalion, B Company, USMC
Adjutant, Coordinator Gigs and Drill Master, Miller's Vets

Ed Buras (Click for Bio)
Adjutant, Miller's Vets

Sgt Sir Raashad Mathis (Click for Bio)
Sgt, Inspector-Instructor Staff, 6th Engineer Support Battalion, B Company, USMC
Adjutant, Miller's Vets

Richard L. Farrell, Jr. (Click for Bio)
Capt, USNR (Ret)
Coordinator and Technical Advisor, Miller's Vets

Steve Camilleri (Click for Bio)
Executive Director, Center for the Homeless
Secretary Treasurer, Millerís Vets

Mark Harbaugh (Click for Bio)
Transportation Chairman, Millerís Vets

Cristela Pettinato (Click for Bio)
Webmaster, Millerís Vets

Former members are as follows.

Charles R. McDonald, Jr. (Click for Bio)
Former Vice Commander, Miller's Vets

1stSgt John J. Pettinato Jr. (Ret) (Click for Bio)
Former Drill Master, Miller's Vets

David M. Woods (Click for Bio)
Col, USAF (Ret)
Former Coordinator and Technical Advisor, Miller's Vets

Donald L. Neely, DHS (Click for Bio)
Former Chaplain, Millerís Vets

Sgt Ted H. Keckler (Click for Bio)
Former Adjutant, Miller's Vets

Phillip A. Noe (Click for Bio)
Former Adjutant, Miller's Vets

Justin Kollar (Click for Bio)
Former Drill Master, Miller's Vets

Andrea Binkley (Click for Bio)
Former Drill Master, Miller's Vets

Dave Rice (Click for Bio)
Former Commanding Officer, Miller's Vets

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