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Proposed New Service

We are in the embryo stage of establishing another division of Miller's Vets. It would be entitled "Talk-To-Me" Program. Not a Speakers Bureau, but a list of World War II Veterans who are able to talk and visit about their combat experiences. There will be three conditions precedent to their performance. Event must open with prayer (can be a generic Father/God prayer), consisting of not less than two elements, thanking God for our nation and the freedoms we enjoy and then asking God's blessings on all of our service men and women throughout the world. The next element will be the Pledge of Allegiance, reciting the words "one nation under God" without a pause. The third element will be singing the National Anthem. This followed by a 30 to 40-minute talk or visit by the guest Vet, followed by honoring the most recent deceased World War II Veteran of St. Joseph County. The brief service would include a minimum of three vets firing three volleys each (sound suppressed); playing of Taps; if a next of kin is present, then officially fold the flag, kneel and present it to the next of kin.

This program will have the salutary effect of putting a minimum of three of Miller's Vets with a senior community leader for an impressive program. Secondly, it would permit our various senior groups, also schoolchildren, to learn from the rapidly decreasing World War II Vets of their historical experiences.

We Have Now Done One.

In response to an invitation from the Healthwin Center, we exemplified our first program. A Notre Dame student photographer kindly videoed the performance. We were then very fortunate for the talented Editors of Bethel College who did a superb job of editing into an one hour DVD, of which, a few copies are available upon request. We were additionally fortunate for the excellent volunteer efforts of another Miller's Vets dear friend, Chet Tschetter, who meticulously edited out the most salient portions ending with a 10 minute DVD, which our skilled Web Mistress uploaded to YouTube which follows. Although brief, with the exception of our Parades, this Video rehearses virtually all of our public offerings. It discloses our Vets advancing and posting the Colors; a short portion of the World War II "Talker;" the ceremonial folding of the American Flag in honor of a deceased WW II Veteran (it was then presented to his appreciative widow); and the customary three volleys Rifle Salute, concluding with the rendition of Taps.

We anticipate the opportunity to extensively export this Program as an important part of our Community Service.

Note: Press play and then pause to allow the video to preload for a couple of minutes.
This will allow for smooth streaming without disruption.

The following is an edited version of the World War II Veteran's talk delivered as a part of the first "Talk to Me" Veterans Day Program. Two other World War II Veterans are also available for future talks.

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